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About Us

Debbie's Doll Dresses strives to emulate Nordic country folk costumes so as to make them as much like the 'real thing' as possible.  Fabrics are carefully sought out and modifications are always being made as additional details are learned about a particular costume and as input is attained by reading, searching the internet, and talking to owners of the authentic costumes from the area in question.  Our goal is for you to be able to dress your doll in a costume that represents your heritage in such a way as to help you enjoy and  remember your roots.





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In October of 2015, Debbie was awarded the 2015 Chester Award as Artisan of the Year at Norsk Hostfest (a four-day Scandinavian event with 100+ vendors and over 60,000 visitors) in Minot, ND.  The Chester Award recognizes those who strive to deliver the highest quality Scandinavian presentations thereby creating value, meaning, and memories for Norsk Hostfest guests.

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