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Costume Pictures

Please click on flag for country costumes you would like to see.

Swedish Folkdrakt

Norwegian Bunads

Finnish Costumes

Icelandic Costumes
Danish Costumes

As you view the pictures on this website, please keep the following points in mind:

  • All costumes are handmade and variations may occur in fabric and final details of any given regional costume. 


  • Since these costumes are not exact replicas, fabrics may vary slightly from the pictures you see here as new fabrics are found for the costume you will be purchasing.


  • All costumes are always being evaluated and modifications being made in an effort to make them as authentic as possible.  That being said, your costume may vary slightly from the pictures.


  • All costumes include blouse, jumper or skirt and vest, apron and waistbag when pictured, and a hat, scarf or other headpiece as shown in the pictures.  Lucia gown and Lucia crown can be purchased separately.


  • Shoes and socks or tights are not included as part of the costume.  


  • Jewelry pictured at the neck of some costumes is not included in the costume.  Those pins  can be ordered separately - they are pictured in the 'Accessories' page.


  • Warning - some costumes contain small parts and are not intended for Children under 3 years.  Jewelry is not intended for Children under age 7.

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